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Juliet P. Brand

Cortni Shelton

It’s my life’s work to create gorgeous photography which preserves the intimacy of your wedding day and reflects the special love between you and yours.

I take a photojournalist approach to photography, and let your wedding day unfold naturally to capture the rawest of emotions and moments. It’s this authentic style that creates your own unique wedding story that you will be proud to display as a wedding heirloom to last a lifetime and to pass down to your children and them to their children.

Having earned a degree in photography and through a decade of capturing weddings, I’ve honed my wedding photography techniques and style through my professional education and years of practice. My clients prefer my unobtrusive nature on their wedding day. I get to know them so well during our preliminary meetings and engagement sessions that when the wedding day comes, I arrive early and slip into the background, watching you and yours through my lens to capture every detail and sentiment as it unfolds organically. These photos are natural and candid and get to the heart of each moment.

As a military mom, I treasure the “in between” moments, which is why I focus not only on documenting wedding traditions like the first kiss, cake cutting, and first dance but also on the intimate in between moments that can only be captured by closely watching every second of the wedding day as it happens.

When you receive your wedding photos, you will have a stunning photo documentary that tells your complete wedding story from start to finish never missing a beat. Every successful relationship begins with a conversation. Let’s start ours over a meal or cup of coffee. I’ll answer all your questions and bring examples of my creative work. I’m excited to meet you!



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